Art of Being workshop for parents and teachers

art of being workshop for parents and teachers

Who says being parents is easy?

From sunrise till sunset, our day is completely filled. Preparing breakfast, driving the kids to school and picking them up after finishing a day of work, bringing them to their afternoon activities, dinner with the family, helping them with homework and reading them stories before bedtime. There’s hardly ever time for ourselves. Other issues that bother us keeps piling up as we don't set the time to address them.
And when we’re not okay, naturally is affects the people around us.
Parents and teachers are the ones that the children spend most of their time with, therefore we value their wellbeing as much as those of the students. Because if we don’t understand ourselves well, how could we nurture a generation of children who understand themselves?
'Art of Being’ workshop by Kru Lyn was organised to give space for teachers and parents to observe and learn about themselves through rhythmic activities, art, drama process, storytelling and anthroposophy. We got to take time for ourselves to reflect on what’s really going on inside us. So that we are fully charged and ready fully be with those around us again. 
Don’t forget the important of self-care, because when you’re not okay, it will affect the children and those around you as well.