Student Scholarship Fund

Donate to our Student Scholarship Fund

The scholarship funding at Wonder Valley is separated into:

  • funding for local children in the Songkhla province to access a WV education with a 100% scholarship
  • funding for deserving children to study here with partial scholarship

While Wonder Valley is  registered as a company, the intention is not to make profits for personal gains.  We take it as a social endeavour to ensure that everyone involved in this community has means for a quality life in all aspects including financially. However, we

understand that not every family has the means to access this kind of education. Because of this, we strongly believe that providing these opportunities is crucial to what we stand for.

It is with this in mind that we are humbly requesting donations toward tuition for those who lack the means. All of the money received will go directly to supporting the recipients of our scholarships. We will share news through our bi-annual newsletter.

Every donation, however small, will help our students realize their full potential. Currently, it costs 140,000 baht per child per one academic year, which in 2021 is less than US $5000, a small fraction of what it costs to go to international schools in most other places in the world.