Learning that is driven by the fear of having to pass exams or get good grades robs children of their journey to discover their own potential. We do not see the use of competitive exams nor comparative grading to assess children. However, non-comparative evaluation of skills is possible and essential to the learning process. Since the primary purpose of assessments is to help children in the learning process at Wonder Valley, evaluations are ongoing, varied in nature and allow for children to show their learnings in different contexts.
Observations, conversations, rubrics and activities provide evidence of learning. Documentation of learning is an integral part of the evaluation process and each student has a portfolio to reflect on their learning journey. This allows children to identify what they have learnt, how the process has been, and what their next step could be. They begin to take more ownership of their learning to move towards becoming more independent learners.

Parents are given an end-of-year report showing them their child’s learning journey for the year and what possible areas they could be further supported in at home.

While we want children to work with their capacities being challenged and not discouraged through examinations, we are aware that certification is necessary for them to continue higher studies. Children at Wonder Valley will be supported to take their first formal exams at the IGCSE level, when we feel they are ready for it, between the ages of 14-16 depending on their grade 1 entry. This certification is given by the Cambridge Assessment International Education. It is recognized nationally as well as worldwide and allows students to sit for exams on their chosen subjects for education advancement at any age.