Our Team

Soonya Sornprasit

Co-founder and Early Childhood Teacher
Originally Thai, Soonya spent her childhood years predominantly outside the country. After studying at Jiddu Krishnamurti holistic schools in India for almost 10 years, she moved to England for further studies. She has a BA in International Relations from England and a MSc in Development Studies from Sweden. Prior to starting Wonder Valley, Soonya worked for a German political foundation and later as a business news reporter for the Bangkok Post. It took over 20 years of many educational initiatives first started by her mother at Suan Sai Nam, a Krishnamurti Retreat in southern Thailand to finally arrive with the idea for Wonder Valley. Soonya believes that “true” education is the fundamental and most sustainable endeavor to bring about happy human beings attuned with who they really are. And it is such people who will readily contribute their full potential for the betterment of humanity. Soonya is married and has a daughter, Kamin who also studies at Wonder Valley.

Nicole (Nicci) Mulholland-Dobbs

Early Childhood Educator
Nicci is a New Zealander who left New Zealand in 2019 to pursue her dream of sharing her passion for quality early childhood education by teaching abroad. Nicci has been in the education sector for 24 years having been involved in a variety of teaching, and management roles. In the past, she owned and developed and a professional development business in New Zealand where she taught teachers practical hands-on teaching skills and strategies. Her passions are music and movement, storytelling, being in nature and learning alongside children about the world around us. She is passionate about the New Zealand curriculum and can see how this will complement Wonder Valley's education system. Nicci and her husband Trev, have 6 grown up children between them who all reside in New Zealand. They both love to explore nature and have a keen interest in gardening.

Aom Apinya Kaenwongkam

Early Childhood Educator
Apinya has an open heart. Being and learning with children makes her happy. She believes that love is the most important tool for both the children and herself to overcome various forms of changes in life. She has been working with children since 2011, after graduating with a degree in education from Burapa University. With a strong motivation and passion in working in social work and working with children, along with a wide range of skills including art, music, classroom management for different age and other relevant trainings she received (such as crisis management), led her to work with people from all around the world. Nowadays, Apinya is one of the educators of Wonder Valley, which situated hundreds of kilometres away from her hometown in the Mae Khong region. She decided to settle her energised spirit in the valley for love to be close to the nature. She also believes that this community will nurture not only the children to find their own paths of growth here, but so is she.

Aileen Yuet Lien Chen

Educator and Learner
For the last 10 years, Aileen has been associated with the education space in various capacity but teaching has always been closest to her heart. She started her journey as a teacher (as part of the Teach For India fellowship), teaching students in an underserved school for 2 years, following which she led various programs at Mantra4Change, an NGO based in India working towards school improvement. Aileen has worked with various school leaders, mentoring and coaching them to improve their schools holistically. In addition to this, she has designed and implemented various teaching learning materials and training modules (with a specific focus on mathematics and literacy) for teachers. Aileen holds a Masters in Education with specialization in School Organisation, Leadership and Management. Her other areas of interest include photography, sketching, painting, athletics, sports and spending time with children. Her love for being with children and exploring together has brought her to Wonder Valley.


Chinese Teacher
"Hello everyone, I am Yan Ge, a Chinese teacher from China. I believe that children will be able to grow beautifully here just like the nature all around them. I look forward to sharing my language and culture with the children here through activities like calligraphy, paper-cutting, Peking Opera facial makeup, making dumplings and many more. I really like the teaching environment and teaching philosophy of Wonder Valley, and really thank parents here for their trust in us".

Our Mentor

Mr.Pichai Srisai

Director, Songkhla Community Foundation

Mr.Pramote Juthaporn

Retired academic and electrical engineer.

Associate Professor Dr.Soree Pokaeo

Former lecturer in Counselling at Chulalongkorn University

Assistant Professor Amporn Sornprasit

Assistant Professor of Science Faculty, PSU

Dr. Nirand Wichsethsamit

Specialised Doctor in Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine in Community's Mental Health and Director of Mayo Hospital, Pattani

Dr. Woralak Chookamnerd

Licensee of Woraphat Nursery and Educational Innovator