Primary Years Program

Using The national curriculum in England, our primary programme builds on the Early Years curriculum (EYFS). Children continue to engage with the outdoors, learn through hands-on activities and assimilate their knowledge in a more structured way and make connections between different areas of learning, such as what they see in the forest and books they are reading or between their own questions and the math or science needed to discover the answers.
In the primary years the children will make the transition from natural curiosity and intuitive understanding to more formal knowledge creation. Our pedagogy is rooted in inquiry-based and project-based learning where the children’s questions, interests, ideas and observations drive the learning experience.

Teachers and students both share responsibility for learning in this environment. Teachers play an active role in this process by building a safe space where children can challenge, test, and redefine their ideas. This allows the children to move from wondering to structured understanding and further opportunities for questioning.
Students engage in projects, open-ended investigations, and structured learning. These not only allow children to situate their learning in the real world but also work collaboratively with others and enquire together.
Students go on field trips and excursions which takes them out of the classroom and puts them in unfamiliar settings. It provides them with opportunities to participate in rich experiences connected to the world, and see the relevance of their classroom learning and its connection to the broader world. They have to apply problem solving skills, develop interpersonal skills, and translate this learning to their decisions and actions. It also gives them the opportunities to reflect on new experiences and engage in meaning-making.