Healthy Diet

With the holistic approach in education, we believe that there are many factors that contribute to health, wellbeing and development of a child. Apart from indoor and outdoor activities designed to support the child’s physical, mental and emotional developments, food also plays an important role in the growth of children. The brain uses a significant amount of energy daily, so it’s crucial that we make sure the children receive enough energy and nutrients from their diet to maximise their full learning potentials.

Meals at Wonder Valley are cooked with fresh ingredients from scratch. We promote the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains as well as organic free-range eggs and locally-sourced, additives-free seafood. Including a variety of fruits and vegetables doesn’t only make sure they get all the nutrients needed, but also encourage an open-minded attitude towards food. By familiarising themselves with a healthy diet from a young age, children will grow up with a strong foundation, not only in their physical body (which also has an effect on mental and emotional wellbeing) but also in their ways of thinking and making the right choices for themselves in the future.