Wonder Forum 01 + mini open day

wonder forum 01   mini open day
A recap from our first Wonder Forum and Mini Open Day yesterday. Families gathered together at Wonder Valley and we had a little explorative hike around the valley. We stopped near the stream, listening to the sound of nature while having some homemade snacks before jumping into the cold stream.

In the afternoon, Dr. Nirand, the director of Mayor Hospital, shared with us about how the brain works in relation to emotional awareness, and how it plays an integral part in determineing whether or not we are able to put our cogitive abilities to its best use. Followed by an informative Q&A session.

This kind of event that brings teachers, families and those who are interested in holistic education together with experts from different fields together in a relaxed surrounding is what we want to happen often in Wonder Valley.

See you again in the next Wonder Forum!